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Christian School Alternative - Homeschooling

Christian Worldview

Unlike the vast majority of Christian schools we do not use secular humanistic textbooks. We recommended resources that are all written with a Biblical  worldview. We believe it is important not to give children mixed messages in any area of their education.


Academic Support for Homeschool parents

Academic Support

We offer academic support to families so that they will have the confidence to homeschool. So whether your child is in early childhood, primary or secondary, we will provide phone and internet support to help your child succeed.



Homeschool Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic Testing

We send out a set of diagnostic tests, which will identify the knowledge and skills of your child. Based on this and previous school reports and in consultation with you we will prescribe a suggested academic program for your approval.   



homeschool outings

Activity Days

We hold activity days where families can meet socially and the children can participate in a range of fun activities.  (You can bring your friends to these days!)



Experienced Homeschool mentors

Education Experience

Our academic staff have an average of 20 years teaching experience which will give you confidence that you will be receiving sound professional advice.   



homeschool rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

As a signatory nation to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Australian Government supports Article 26 para 3 which states: Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.   We support this statement which means that parents have a prior right to home educate using a pedagogy of their choice and resources of their choice.



school bullying solution

Bullying Should Not Be Part of Your Child's Life

About 30 % of families that join our Homeschool network report that their children have been bullied at school. Around 75 % of these have daughters in years 7-10.  Many parents have commented that after homeschooling for a few weeks, their child, who was mercilessly bullied, is happy and enjoys learning again.

Special Needs Children

We have a heart for special needs children and we welcome families who have children with learning difficulties. Every child has an individualised learning program which means that children will be learning at their own level and will not be able to compare themselves with each other.

Services we provide to the home education community:

  • K-12 academic and pastoral support
  • Twice Yearly Reports
  • Affordable fees
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Qualified teachers in every state of Australia
  • Note: Each state government will require you to register
    for home education as we are not a registered school
  • We will provide assistance in the registration process
  • Now open to all families in Australia and Oceania 

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