HomeSchool Christian Academy

A ministry of HomeSchool Christian Colleges Inc.


Homeschool Christian Colleges Inc. (HCC) is an Association established in WA which provides education services to students in Australia and in Oceania.   

Homeschool Christian Academy is a ministry of HCC which provides support to families who choose to home educate their children.   

Homeschool Christian Academy is the only homeschool support organisation which has qualified teachers in every state of Australia.  

Our state based staff will:

  • Provide academic and pastoral support to families in their respective state
  • Have knowledge of all relevant state based home education legislation
  • Provide assistance with registration in your state
  • Provide details for networking with other home school groups in your state
  • Have local knowledge of social activities and state based resources
  • Provide information with regards access to TAFE and tertiary institutions in your state

Please note that neither HCC or HCA are registered schools and you may need to register for home education in your local State.   Should you join HCA we will assist you in the registration process.   Please contact your local teacher for advice.    

Our Team

Mr Stuart Chapman
Stuart and his wife Dianne have homeschooled their five children using ACE for 18 years. Mr Chapman has worked as an engineer, a pastor, a high school teacher and school principal; He believes that parents are called by God to disciple their children and this is best done as part of everyday life. B Eng.(Melb) BA Christian Min(ACM); Grad Dip (ECU) Board member International Certificate of Christian Education (Aust); Board member Global Home Education Conference 



Dr Harold Thredgold
Secondary Teacher,  Strathalbyn, South Australia

·       Harold has a PhD in Organic Chemistry, a Diploma in Teaching and a Bachelor of Theology degree.  He has taught at various levels in a variety of countries – University of South Australia, Papua New Guinea University of Technology, a college in Malaysia, Hope International School in Cambodia, and various schools in Australia.

·       He is excited that he, along with his wife, Helen, is able to encourage and assist parents and children who are choosing to educate their children at home from a Godly perspective.


Mrs Helen Thredgold

Primary and Middle school Teacher, Strathalbyn, South Australia

Helen is a highly experienced K-12 teacher who has taught in Australia, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Helen has a heart to assist, encourage and empower parents in their child’s home schooling. Helen also has training with special needs children and has 9 grandchildren (four who are currently being home schooled).



Mrs Kerry Petrus
Teacher, Eastern States

Kerry has worked as both a teacher and a chaplain in primary and secondary schools in Victoria. She is passionate about ensuring education is relevant, interesting and fun.  Kerry and her husband Andrew share the home schooling of their daughter.  



Mrs Annette Louwen
Primary Teacher WA

Mrs Louwen is a passionate advocate for home education and ACE. She will be supporting families with primary aged children. Annette will also be our curriculum development teacher.  Annette and her husband Geoff are currently home educating their grandson.  

Mrs Sheryl Hawley
Secondary Teacher WA

Mrs Hawley has a special heart and ministry for teenagers. She is highly experienced with ACE and loves to encourage students that have been discouraged or hurt by the traditional school system.


Mrs Janine Wood
Parent Mentor

Janine is still teaching her youngest daughter using ACE. She has been a parent mentor both in Australia and overseas for many years and understands the needs of parents and the challenges they face in homeschooling. She is available for a visit in person or chat by phone or Skype.



Mr Geoff Louwen
Chaplain and Secondary Teacher WA

Geoff is one of our secondary teachers and chaplain. If you have any pastoral or spiritual matters to discuss, Geoff will be more than happy to speak to you. 

Miss Hannah Chapman
Administrative Assistant

Hannah graduated with a year 12 ACE certificate in 2010 and now assists with our administration at our Head Office in WA.  Hannah has completed a Diploma in Biblical studies with Liberty Bible Institute and 2 years with Australian Institute of Family Counselling.    



Helpful Videos

Some of the Benefits

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Academic support
  • Christian Staff
  • Registration Assistance
  • Activity Days
  • Access to homeschooling seminars
  • Access to Student Conventions
  • Advice for children with Learning Disabilities
  • Parent Networking Groups
  • Awards Night
  • Home Ed. Certificates
  • Career advice
  • Chaplaincy Support
  • Yearly Reports
  • ACE Friendly
  • K-Year 12
  • Product Discounts

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