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Minimal Lesson Preparation
Our program is designed so that you do minimal lesson preparation. This is a great benefit for parents who may be unsure about taking the step to homeschool.  

Diagnostic Testing
At enrolment we send out a set of diagnostic tests, which will identify the knowledge and skills of your child.  

Academic Prescription
Based on the diagnostic tests, previous school reports and in consultation with you we will prescribe a suggested academic pathway for your child.   Please note: As the parent, you have the responsibility and authority, legally, to make the final choice for your child.  We will advise, but will always recogise that you as the parent know your child better than anyone.       

Academic Support
We offer academic support to families so that they will have the confidence to homeschool.  So whether your child is in early childhood, primary or secondary, we will provide phone and internet support to help your child succeed.

Parent Relationship
Our primary focus is our relationship with you the parent.  We will assist you to help your child achieve their best.   You will not have to swap tutors every year.   You will get to know your academic tutor and they will get to know you and your particular circumstances.  

Our staff are committed to supporting you in this endeavour as we believe that education at home is the best thing for your children and our nation.  

We believe that Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is a great all round homeschool product, which gives a Christ centred education, while fulfilling the requirements of the knowledge and skills needed in a modern world.  We will support your decision to use up to 50%  of a curriculum of your own choice.   

Christian Staff
Our staff have all been interviewed and are committed followers of Christ.  They are all dedicated participants in their local church.  

Statement of Faith
Our Statement of Faith is clear, non-denominational and upholds the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. 

Our teaching staff have an average of 20 years experience.  All our staff have had experience with ACE, either personally, in their families or as teachers in a school which used ACE.  

Curriculum Development
We are committed to developing new curriculum which are not dealt covered by ACE.  

Assistance with Home Education Registration

For those who choose to register their child for home education in Australia, we provide assistance in the form advice and local knowledge in every state.   

We believe that with good preparation and advice from our staff  that you will be able to approach registration with confidence knowing that you will be meeting government requirements.   

Meetings with government officials have been positive. (Please view some of the comments shared on our testimonials page)  

It may also be possible for one of our staff to be present during a moderator visit. (Extra fees may apply).   For more information on registration please contact your local state office.    

Activity Days
We plan to have activity days where families can meet socially and the children can participate in a range of fun activities.  (You can bring your friends to these days!)  

Access to Homeschooling Seminars
You will be invited to all homeschooling seminars run by HomeSchool Christian Academy.

Access to Student Conventions
By being part of HomeSchool Christian Academy you will have access to regional, national and international student conventions. 

Advice for children with Learning Disabilities
We are able to provide a consultation with a Special needs teacher at a very reasonable price. 

Parent Networking Groups
We are committed to setting up parent networking groups in both urban and regional areas.   These are families who meet informally to encourage each other and provide social interaction for their children.  

Facebook Group
We have a Facebook Group, which you are welcome to join.

Awards and Certificate Night
Each year we will have an awards and certificate night to celebrate what God has done through our children.  

Year 10 and Year 12 Home Education Certificates
In conjunction with Southern Cross Education Enterprises, we will offer Home Education certificates to students who are graduating in Year 10 or 12.

Career advice
We are able to offer some career advice to students and families as they consider options for the future. 

Chaplaincy Support
We have a chaplain who is able to provide spiritual advice and pastoral care and is easily contacted through our office.  

Twice Yearly Reports
We send out twice yearly reports, which provide a summary of the years work and is an excellent record for presenting to employers and tertiary institutions. 

You will receive our regular newsletter, which will keep you informed of all events and news. 


Benefits of our Program


The curriculum covers kindergarten to Year 12

Product Discounts
By becoming members of HomeSchool Christian Academy, you are entitled to buy the curriculum through SCEE at discount rates. 

Biblical Worldview
The curriculum is written with the aim of leading children to Christ and training them in the Biblical principles of how to think from God’s perspective.  

Gradual Increase in Difficulty 
There is a gradual increase in difficulty with constant revision.  This is a highly efficient method of long-term memory retention. 

Students like the routine of the familiar format in each subject.   Routine and repetition are especially helpful for students that have struggled academically.

One of the great features of ACE is that it is self-instructional.  This means the students get in the habit of reading, understanding and interpreting the material themselves. This is the primary method of learning. 

Only when a student struggles to grasp a concept will he or she need to refer to a parent or tutor from HCA for support. 

This also means that you as a parent spend more time encouraging and supervising than explaining. 

Empowers Parents
At home, you as the parent are not on the sidelines watching someone else guiding your child.  You are the one who will be their teacher and example.  Remember Luke 6:40 A disciple is not above his teacher; but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher. 

Character Building
The ACE program is designed to build character in your children.  With 60 character traits that are found in Scripture, like attentive, kind and truthful, our program will help your child to grow in favour with God and man.

Appeals to Children
Our program contains cartoons and amusing stories where the characters are role models for your children.  

As your children grow, so do the characters in the stories.   Your children will learn to love Ace, Christi, Sandy, Pudge and many others who all have their own individual strengths and weaknesses.  

Colourful and Interesting
The curriculum is written at the child’s level of understanding and vocabulary.  Unlike many textbooks, the material does not need teacher explanation and blackboard instruction.   It is colourful, interesting and ready to use.  

Allows For Creativity
The academic work is often completed early, usually before lunch for primary aged children, which leaves plenty of time for creative arts in the afternoon.  

Frees the Parent
As the program is self-instructional and requires minimal lesson preparation, it leaves the parent time to attend to younger children and other household tasks. Good supervision can still be undertaken while engaged in other activities in the same room.  

Parent Training Provided
The parent-training package is provided as part of initial membership but is also supplemented with seminars at activity days. We also have a parent mentor, who is able to visit your home if you live in Perth or contact you through Skype if you live in the country.  

Diagnostic Testing
Your child will be given diagnostic testing so that our tutors will be able to prescribe the academic work which, is most suitable for your child.   This way, your child will be achieving at a level which, is neither too hard nor too easy.  They will have immediate success, which will bring confidence and a love for learning. 

Suited to Parents Starting Homeschooling
Many parents are anxious about commencing home education.  However with our program, you will have minimal lesson preparation and you will have confidence that your child is receiving an excellent education.  Furthermore, our staff will support you and you will have opportunities to support each other through Facebook and informal parent networking groups.  

Uses Phonics to Teach Reading
ACE uses a phonics-based method to help children to learn to read.  This has been proven to be a far superior method to the whole language approach which, has been in vogue for many years in schools.  

Teaches Spelling
We have a thorough spelling course called Word Building, which extends from year 1 to year 8.   This course also looks at the etymology of words, examining their Latin and Greek roots.    

Children Mark Their Own Work
We believe that self-correction is an essential part of the learning process.  At schools students often get lazy and expect the teacher to mark and correct their work. With ACE, the students are responsible for marking their own work with full solutions provided in answer keys.  This not only greatly reduces the marking parents are required to do but also helps children to understand where they went wrong.

They learn to work out their own mistakes rather than rely on a teacher all the time.  They are more likely to remember the correct way of doing something if they have discovered the solution themselves. This is a valuable skill in preparation for university and beyond.  

Mastery Learning
In mastery learning a student is not able to proceed until they have mastered a skill.  This is vital as too often students are pushed along when they have only half learned a skill. 

In our program, students must achieve a mark of 80% in each test before they are able to progress to the next topic.  It is like the Vacation Swim program, where students need to master the foundation skills before they up put up into the next class. 

While this sounds challenging, students who follow the procedures, and score correctly rarely have to repeat a test or workbook.  

Bible Subjects
While the Bible and Biblical thinking is integral to every subject, we also have a number of subjects, which specifically focus on Scripture.  These include, Bible reading in primary school and Successful Living (Proverbs), New and Old Testament Survey and Life of Christ.  

In many ways students who complete the full program have already done a first year program at a Bible college.  

Includes Checks and Student Accountability
There are numerous checks where the parent is able to check for understanding.  The Self-test and final assessment at the end of each PACE or workbook, ensures that your child will know and understand their work.  

Unlike being at a school you will, at all times, be aware of your child’s progress and will not have to wait for a fairly bland semester report from paid employees who will never know or love your child as well as you do.  

Students Learn Goal Setting
This is another great feature where students are responsible for setting and achieving their daily goals under the supervision of the parent.   This prepares them well for being self-starters later in life. 

Lots of Parent-Child Interaction
A child spends less than four minutes in one-one interactions with a teacher in the average school day.   This is insufficient for helping a child in understanding concepts and improving speech and vocabulary. 

At home with ACE, child-parent interactions are part of the program.  Typically a child will have 30-40 interactions with their parent each day, which builds relationship and understanding.  

Scripture Memory
Each PACE has at least one Scripture verse to learn.  Given that many children do 60 PACE’s per year, this means your child could be learning 60 new Bible verses each year as a minimum.  

Teaches Grammar to a High Level
The ACE course is strong in grammar.  Students learn parts of speech, punctuation, sentence and paragraph construction.   These skills are essential to writing well and professionally. 

Uses Christian Novels for Literature
There is no need to be concerned about the literature books that your child will read as all of the books have a Biblical worldview and avoid topics that are unsuitable for children.  

Teaches Australian History and Australian Maths
Although the majority of the material is sourced from the United States, the History and Maths courses have been modified to have Australian content.  

Suited for Gifted Children
ACE is an acronym for Accelerated Christian Education.  This means that a child who is gifted will not be held back by the class average and is able to proceed at a much faster rate.  Some students are able to complete their course years ahead of their chronological age and attend online universities at age 14 or 15.  

Suited for Students with Learning difficulties
In a similar manner, a child who has learning difficulties can go at a slower rate; thereby ensuring he or she is not pushed beyond their level of understanding.  Many a child has succeeded academically, though it may have taken a year or two longer than most.  At home this is not an issue.  

Suitable When Traveling
This program is ideal for those who are taking 6 months or longer to do a once in a lifetime trip around Australia.   The curriculum is entirely portable and can be fitted into a small briefcase.  


Certificate of Home Education

In conjunction with Southern Cross Education Enterprises, we offer home education certificates to students who meet the requirements.
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