HomeSchool Christian Academy

A ministry of HomeSchool Christian Colleges Inc.


Academic Support

We offer academic support to families so that they will have the confidence to homeschool. So whether your child is in early childhood, primary or secondary, we will provide phone and internet support to help your child succeed.


Our teachers recognise that you as the parent, know your children best.  Our teachers will provide advice and will make recommendations but will always defer to your subject choices and or curriculum choices.   


Our families enjoy working with their assigned teacher rather than a 'teacher pool'.  Providing your family is not too remote, your teacher will try to visit your family once per year to build relationship with you and your children.  


Usually you will have your teacher for several years and it is only when your child moves into secondary school, that you may be assigned a different teacher who will be able to provide more specialist upper school advice.   


When you have an question we ask that you email or text your teacher (who may be speaking with another family) and they will get back to you as soon as possible.   


Normally you will be working with a teacher who lives in your state and who knows all the local state regulations, homeschool networks and career opportunities.  However, if you move interstate you are welcome to still have your original teacher.