HomeSchool Christian Academy

A ministry of HomeSchool Christian Colleges Inc.


Intial Joining Fees

Registration Fee:  $120 per family (This is a once only payment)

NB Extra $100 per child if you live in NSW due to extra registration requirements.   

Parent Training: $75     (If you already have done the ACE Home Education parent training this can be waived.)

Diagnostic Testing:  Cost $70 per child

Ongoing Fees

Standard Membership Fees         

$750 per year for 1-2 children or $85 per month (Paid from Feb-Nov); or $200 per term.

$850 per year for 3-4 children or $95 per month (Paid from Feb-Nov); or $225 per term.

$200 if your eldest child is under 4 years 6 months

Option B: (Discounted)  The discount rate is for single parent families or families on a pension card

$650 per year for 1-2 children or $75 per month  (Paid from Feb-Nov); or $175 per term.  

$750 per year for 3-4 children or $85 per month  (Paid from Feb-Nov); or $200 per term.


Premium Membership Service: 

This is for families who would like our academic staff, who are qualified teachers, to be in contact weekly to encourage students who need extra support.  

In this service your family would have a nominated half-hour each week with the undivided attention of your tutor.   The tutor can speak to each of your children and you as a parent, either by phone or via high quality video link.   

Cost:  $700 per term for half an hour each school week.    


Cost of materials:  $300-$500 per child per year depending on age and whether you have answer keys and literature books.  These are paid to the Australian Supplier SCEE.   

Yr 10 and 12 Certificate preparation and certificates:  $150

Please note that there may be some additional costs for activity days and excursions.

The Fee Payment Form can be viewed here.  NO increase from 2016!  


Helpful Videos

Some of the Benefits

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Academic support
  • Christian Staff
  • Registration Assistance
  • Activity Days
  • Access to homeschooling seminars
  • Access to Student Conventions
  • Advice for children with Learning Disabilities
  • Parent Networking Groups
  • Awards Night
  • Home Ed. Certificates
  • Career advice
  • Chaplaincy Support
  • Yearly Reports
  • ACE Friendly
  • K-Year 12
  • Product Discounts

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